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Get insider tips on pet-friendly places, travel advice, and great services in our selected cities by chatting with fellow pet-loving humans in our Slack community.

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Local knowledge

Insider tips. Understanding the rules, laws and customs of different countries can be very confusing.

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Pet people

At Pawdly we want to see your adorable pet pics! We love to hear all about your latest cute exploits!

Pet-friendly living

Venues where you can bring your furry, feathered or scaly friends; local pet sitters; purrfect parks. All a Slack message away.


Find answers to common questions about joining Pawdly.

Simply click the Join button and enter your name and email. Once Pawdly verifies your application, we'll send you a Slack invite via email. If it takes more than 7 days, reach out to us. Happy connecting!

After receiving the invite, create a Slack account. Once in Pawdly, we'll guide you with a friendly message. Consider using a photo of you and your pet as your profile picture so the other members can get to know you. Feel free to introduce yourself and start chatting with our members in topic channels. Enjoy connecting with us!

Yes! All pet owners are absolutely welcome! We love to hear about your rabbits, lizards, horses, hamsters—you name it! You can even create a specific channel in our community to chat about your animal breed or species.

Of course! Ask the pros how it's done. Maybe you want to find a good breeder, or a local rescue centre. Pawdly is the place to get educated!

Joining Pawdly is completely free! Plus, for a limited time, access to your chosen city's community will stay free forever.

We're growing fast, and we might already have plans for your city! Send us a city request message—the more requests we receive, the higher the chance we'll prioritize your city.

Slack is a helpful chat app for sharing information easily in one place.

Absolutely! We adore pet pics. As long as they're friendly and follow our community guidelines (no offensive stuff please!), go ahead and share them!

We're all for supporting pet businesses, but we also want to keep our members spam-free. Reach out to us to discuss promoting your service or product and we'll guide you on doing it respectfully.

Your safety and wellbeing are our main priority. If behaviour on our platforms goes against our community guidelines we will time out or ban accounts.

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Our members

Our members have great things to say about us!

"I love using Pawdly. I’ve tracked down an amazing local dog trainer, my boyfriend and I love visiting new places recommended in the groups."

Lana with her very cute dog Alfie

Lana and Alfonso

Human and doggo

"It’s is so difficult to find cat-friendly flats but I found a great place on Pawdly. I am so so glad I joined."

MArco and his very cute cat Boris

Marco and Boris

Human and kitty

"We moved to Lisbon last month and we are so glad we found Pawdly! The knowledge we have now would have taken years to get hold of. It's made the move with Lenny so much easier."

Jack, Shell and their very cute dog Lenny

Jack, Shell and Lenny

Humans and doggo

Our cities

We’re growing! Request a new city. The more requests we get, the more likely we will be to open a new community near you.

A yellow tram coming down a main street in Lisbon, Portugal


The wonderful capital of Portugal. Whether you are a local, or are visiting, join the Slack community for the best pet owner knowledge.

Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City

Coming soon!

Tower Bridge in London, England


Coming soon!

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